Home Automation Systems - Wireless Security Systems Update

Good news for those folks looking to learn about and buy home automation systems and wireless security systems...

A new page has been added to this site to showcase the many diverse products from SmartHome, the premiere Home Automation manufacturer. This new page is just the start of a whole new segment for this site. Come back again and again as new products and recommendations are added.

Learn how to use the latest Insteon technology to control your home. Features include Home Control, Lighting Control, Temperature Control, and Home Theater Control devices. Find ways to monitor the yard, control the garage door, sense for water leaks and keep an eye on the front door.

Create lighting scenes for a quiet evening at home, a party, a romantic interlude, or watching your favorite movie. Just one touch of a button and the lights dim to the appropriate level.

For more control, use your computer or iPhone to keep track of things. Get held up at work but yet your girlfriend is sitting outside your front door waiting for you? No problem. Use your iPhone to send a code to turn the heat up, set the lights to the right level,
and open the front door.

All possible with these great Home Automation and Wireless Security System Products.

Be sure to visit the new page
HOME AUTOMATION to see what I'm talking about.