ImageCaster Webcam Capture Software for Mac OSX

ImageCaster is a mature, well-written, basic webcam capture, monitoring, and FTP upload program for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther thru Leopard 10.5 from Econ Technologies. ImageCaster makes it easy to set up and publish images from a webcam - or several with it's multi-cam support. You can use it as an affordable option to monitor activities inside or outside of your home or office for security and surveillance purposes. ImageCaster supports sensor zones to provide motion detection - a great option to capture images ONLY when there is activity - and easy scheduling features to set the times and days you want to record. All you need is a workable Mac, an Apple compatible web camera, the $30 ImageCaster software, and a web page host of some sort to get started. To explore it's features download a free demo version from Econ at

Images can come from or go to a variety of places. You can receive images from a file, a URL, or "live" images can be acquired from a video web camera. Source images can be resized, scaled or rotated as needed. An image source is selected, then you simply specify the destination. Images can be uploaded via FTP to your website or saved to a folder on your hard drive as a time-lapse gallery. You can overlay custom text or date & time stamps with full control over font, size, color, etc. ImageCaster can create a webpage for you from the templates provided, then fill in headlines, sub-headlines, and captions. You can even add your own graphics and links to other pages. All you need to do is provide the webspace to broadcast your page. Many internet providers provide web space as part of your internet and email package, you may have a .Mac/Me account, or you can get a low-cost hosting package from GoDaddy, DotEasy, or HostGator to name a few.