Airport Express Networking Setup Tip

My friend, Nate B. had some trouble setting up his Airport Express...

If you've enabled wireless security, especially MAC address filtering, you will have troubles. Disable it all first to make sure things work in a normal state, and then start re-enabling things, paying particular attention to giving the Express all the correct permissions - this is crucial.

Simpler Switching from Windows PC to Apple Mac

I recently made the switch to Mac. I took about six months actually, as I'd been using Windows desktop, a Linux server, and a linux/windows laptop plus a mac iBook laptop. I played my mp3s to my stereo (connected by audio cables, of course) from linux and at other times from Windows. WinAmp and XMMS seemed to rule the school. I saw people with iTunes, but it looked clunky and -- as most things Mac -- too simplistic (though I have come to view this as a virtue).

So now, I have a Apple PowerBook Laptop 15" M9422LL/A (1.50-GHz PowerPC G4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive) where I can run iTunes. I was still playing music off my Linux box, though, because the laptop wasn't always on my desk and I didn't want to have a zillion cables running off of it. But I needed to get my music on my Apple iPod Nano- Digital player - HDD 8GB - AAC, MP3 - 2" Display! So I was copying all my music to both places. Let me tell you that this approach SUCKED.

But now I have found bliss. I purchased a Apple AirPort Express with Air Tunes (M9470LL/A). It took 10 minutes (after an initial hurdle) to set up, and I can play my music directly to my stereo, WIRELESSLY, from my laptop. I unplugged the monitor from Linux, and now use it as a second monitor for my laptop when it's on my desk. My life is enormously simplified - Merry Christmas!!