Updated Evocam List of Supported Webcams for Mac

I was looking at the server logs today and noticed that a past post of mine Q&A: What Wireless Gear Works With Evocam Software for Mac OSX? was the number one page viewed. Seeing how that post is now a bit out of date, I thought it would be a good idea to update that list with the latest news from Evological. Here is an Updated list of cameras and accessories currently supported by Evocam software for Mac OSX:
Last Updated: 21-Sep-2009. If these cams are available from our sponsor site, there will be an active link to that particular webcam.

Airlink Network Cameras
.....AIC250W Wireless G Network Security IP Webcam <<( image of gold star My Best WiFi Pick)
.....AIC500, AIC500w, AICP310, 747W
.....Pan/Tilt Supported

AirLive Network Cameras

Arecont Network Cameras

AvioSys Network Cameras
.....9060A IP Kamera 9060A Plus Internet IP Camera

AvioSys Video Servers
.....9100A IP Video Plus Network Video Server

Axis Network Cameras
.....206 Network Camera (0199-004)
.....207 Network Camera - Color
.....207W Wris Network Camera Wireless 802.11G 30FPS in VGA Res
.....207MW Network Cam - Wirelss Megapixel
.....210 Network Camera (0197-004)
.....213 PTZ Digital Video Camera (0220-004)
.....2100, 2120, 2130, 2420, Panorama, M1031-W
.....Pan/Tilt/Zomm Supported
.....MPEG-4 Video and Audio via RTSP Supported on 207 Series

Axis Video Servers
.....241Q Blade Video Server (0209-011)
.....2415, 2400, 2401, 2411, 2460
.....Pan/Tilt/Zoom Supported

Canon Network Cameras
.....VB-C10 Network Camera
.....VB-C50Fi All-in-One Camera & Server
.....VB-C50i Pan Tilt Zoom Network Camera w/Built-in Network Server
.....VC-C50i Communication Camera
.....VB-300 Wide Angle PTZ Network Camera
.....Pan/Tilt Supported

D-Link M-JPEG Network Cameras
.....DCS-900W Wireless Home Security Internet Camera
.....DCS-920 Wireless-G Internet Camera
.....DCS-1000, DCS-1000W
.....DCS-3220G CCD 2-Way Audio 4x Zoom 54Mbps Wireless Internet Camera
.....DCS-6620 10/100TX PTZ Dual Coded .05 Lux Optical Zoom Internet Camera

D-Link MPEG-4 Network Cameras
.....DCS-2000, DCS-2100, DCS-2120,
.....DCS-5300 Internet Camera
.....DCS-5300W Wireless Internet Camera
.....Pan/Tilt supported

Digitus Network Cameras

Edimax Network Cameras

Gadspot Network Cameras

Genius Network Cameras

GrandTec Network Cameras

Hawking Technology Network Cameras
.....HNC210, HNC300,
.....HNC320W Network Camera - Wireless

Hurviron Network Cameras
.....SK-N190, SK-N490, SK-N590

Intellinet Network Cameras
.....550710 Network IP Camera

IQinVision Network Cameras
.....IQeye 1.3MP IP Security Camera

JVC Network Cameras / Video Servers
.....VN-C30U, VN-A1U
.....Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported

LevelOne Network Cameras
.....FCS-0010, FCS-1020

Linksys Network Cameras
.....WVC54GCA Wireless Internet Home Monitoring Camera

Lorex Network Cameras
.....LNE3003 IP Network Security Camera

NCL Security Network Cameras

NorthQ Network Cameras

OvisLink Network Cameras

Panasonic Network Cameras
.....BB-HCM311A Network Camera w/2-way Audio
.....BB-HCM331A Outdoor Network Camera w/Audio
.....BB-HCM381A Network Camera (Pan/Tilt)
.....BB-HCM531A Outdoor Pan/Tilt PoE Security Cam
.....BL-C20A Wireless Network Camera
.....BL-C111A Network Camera - Wired
.....BL-C131A Network Camera - Wireless <<( image of gold star Most Popular WiFi Pick)
.....KX-HCM10, KX-HCM230,
.....KX-HCM250 Network Camera
.....KX-HCM280 Network Camera
.....Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported

Pixord Video Servers
.....1000 Network Video Server

Planex Network Cameras

Powerline Network Cameras
.....IP Camera

Sitecom Network Cameras

Sony Network Cameras
.....SNC-Z20N, SNC-RZ30N, SNC-M3W, SNC-P1
.....Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported

StarDot Network Cameras

StarDot Video Servers
.....Express 6

Swann Network Cameras
.....Max-IP-Cam Network Camera

Topower Network Cameras

Toshiba Network Cameras
.....IK-WB01A Wireless Network Camera
.....Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported

TRENDnet Network Cameras
.....TV-IP100W Wireless Internet Camera Server
.....TV-IP110W Wireless Internet Camera Server <<( image of gold star My Low-Cost Entry Pick)
.....TV-IP200, TV-IP200W,
.....TV-IP312W Wireless Day/Night Camera Server
.....TV-IP400 Advanced Pan/Tilt Internet Camera Server
.....TV-IP400W Wireless Advanced Internet Camera Server
.....TV-IP410 IP Based Camera w/PTZ

VCenter Network Cameras

Veo Network Cameras
.....Observer XT

Vilar Network Cameras

Vivotek Network Cameras
.....IP2111, IP2112, IP3133,
.....IP7131 Network Cam - Color
.....IP7132 Network Camera 802.11b/g

Vivotek Video Servers
.....VS2402, VS3100

Unsupported Cameras
Due to firmware limitations, Evological is unable to add support for the following cameras.

D-Link Network Cameras

Hawking Technology Network Cameras
.....HNC230G, HNC290G

Linksys Network Cameras

Evological EvoCam 2.6.4 Upgrade Review

image of evocam icon
Evological, the developer of one of my favorite software packages (Evocam) has just released an upgrade to their venerable product.

Evocam (ver 3.6.4) adds support for an even larger list of network cameras. Also with the update to this version comes the capability of iPhone support. Now you can tilt, pan, and zoom from your iPhone thru the built in web server within this software upgrade.

image of evocam software show how to set up a sensor trigger

Keep an eye on your remote location(s) and even set up triggers to start a broadcast. In the example shown, I've placed a trigger (sensor) on the mid section of the door. If the door opens, the software detects this change and starts recording.

Movement has to take place within the sensor zone for the software to activate. I like the fact that you can place triggers where you want them. This way if my pet hedgehog should walk by, he won't start the camera.

This software needs a minimum of OSX 10.4 [OSX 10.5 Leopard recommended] and Quicktime 7. Pricing is $30 to buy outright, Free for versions 3.2 or later, and $10 for version 3.1 or earlier.

Couple this great price along with an inexpensive TrendNet camera and you have a very powerful video setup on the cheap. If you want something a little better - put this software together with Panasonic's most popular Wireless IP Network Web Camera for the ultimate remote control webcam monitoring solution.

You can download a trial version (full capabilities) and give it a test run for 15 days.

ImageCaster Webcam Capture Software for Mac OSX

ImageCaster is a mature, well-written, basic webcam capture, monitoring, and FTP upload program for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther thru Leopard 10.5 from Econ Technologies. ImageCaster makes it easy to set up and publish images from a webcam - or several with it's multi-cam support. You can use it as an affordable option to monitor activities inside or outside of your home or office for security and surveillance purposes. ImageCaster supports sensor zones to provide motion detection - a great option to capture images ONLY when there is activity - and easy scheduling features to set the times and days you want to record. All you need is a workable Mac, an Apple compatible web camera, the $30 ImageCaster software, and a web page host of some sort to get started. To explore it's features download a free demo version from Econ at Econtechnologies.com

Images can come from or go to a variety of places. You can receive images from a file, a URL, or "live" images can be acquired from a video web camera. Source images can be resized, scaled or rotated as needed. An image source is selected, then you simply specify the destination. Images can be uploaded via FTP to your website or saved to a folder on your hard drive as a time-lapse gallery. You can overlay custom text or date & time stamps with full control over font, size, color, etc. ImageCaster can create a webpage for you from the templates provided, then fill in headlines, sub-headlines, and captions. You can even add your own graphics and links to other pages. All you need to do is provide the webspace to broadcast your page. Many internet providers provide web space as part of your internet and email package, you may have a .Mac/Me account, or you can get a low-cost hosting package from GoDaddy, DotEasy, or HostGator to name a few.

Q&A: What Wireless Gear Works With Evocam Software for Mac OSX?

Here's a list of Wireless cameras and accessories currently supported by Evocam software for Mac OSX:
NOTICE - This list has been updated...
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Updated Evocam Supported Webcams by click that link.

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