Home Automation Controllers

Select from these accessory Home Monitoring and Control System Components. Easy to expand options take your Home Control Security Systems to new levels.

Hand Held Remote Control
Control the lamps and appliances in your home with this hand held remote control.

remotelinc wireless remote control for insteon

Timer Control
Use this timer to control up to 14 different modules. A low cost alternative to computer based time control.

image timerlinc plug-in timer module for insteon automated lighting systems

Temperature Control
Talk directly to the thermostat. Control remotely or use your web enabled phone to set your home temperature from anywhere in the world.

image insteon remote control home thermostat

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Home Monitoring and Wireless Security Systems are HERE!

Home Automation Security, Remote Lighting Control, Appliance Control, Temperature Control, and Home Entertainment Control - just a sampling of the home automation controllers you will find here. All possible with the new Inteon and/or legacy X10 control systems. Add remote controllers, security sensors, and computer control for a full fledged Home Automation Control and Security System.

Insteon Control - How it Works:

A radio frequency emitting device sends control signals to an access point module plugged in to a home receptacle. This module then uses the exisiting wiring within your home to broadcast the control signals to all the other Insteon modules either plugged in or hard wired into the system.
Using RF signals and your home's wiring system, you can automate your home without the need to rewire your house.

Home Automation Systems - Wireless Security Systems:

Control all the lighting in your home with this easy to set-up and expand Insteon system. Add modules to control appliances, to remotely control your audio and video components, even a way to tell your thermostat how to control the temperature. Want Security Control? Choose modules to monitor motion, control the garage door, and sense water leaks. Kick it up a notch with remote control using your iPhone, the internet, and any web-based device... So many ways to create a Home Automation System.

How to Build Your Own Personal Home Automation System...

image of insteon wireless lighting starter set
image insteon appliancelinc by smarthome v2 3-pin
image insteon lamplinc from smarthome v2 3-pin
Smarthome Insteon Wireless Lighting Starter Set

Start your set with this kit - contains one tabletop controller, 2 wireless access point modules, and 2 Lamplinc dimmable light control modules.
Smarthome Insteon Appliancelinc

Add these Appliancelinc modules to control one appliance or non-dimmable fluorescent light. 15amp or 600-watt maximum load.
Smarthome Insteon Lamplinc Module

Add more lamplinc modules as needed to control all the lamps in your home. Each module will control one lamp, 300-watt maximum load. Adjustable brightness levels and fade settings. Note: Not for compact fluorescents - use only for controlling incandescent lamps.

Computer Controlled Home Automation Using Your PC

image of computer software application for controlling smarthome insteon modules

Control your home using your PC. SmartHome Automation PC software can be used to control any Insteon module. More than just an elaborate timer. Make decisions and control modules based on sensory input.

HouseLinc 2 - INSTEON Desktop Software with USB Interface