BEST Mac Compatible Webcams & Web Cameras For VIDEO Surveillance Spy Cams:

Apple's Mac OS X supports a wide range of video surveillance cameras, equipment, systems and monitoring software. Build your own video surveilance systems using hidden camera video equipment, wireless cameras, Firewire DV digital video cameras, pinhole web cameras, digital security cams, and/or network and USB UVC compliant web cams.

Macintosh Network Surveillance System Components:

Incorporate Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express routers along with ethernet wired network cameras, CCTV security cameras, LED cameras, infrared night vision cameras, and DIY Macintosh compatible home hidden camera kits.
Add Apple supported surveillance equipment, Mac TV capture devices, digital video recorders, DVR video recording equipment and Mac compatible TV tuners. Use these with analog video input support from ElGato-EyeTV, Equinux, Hauppauge and Pinnacle Micro, phone recorders, digital voice recorders, or Neuros digital video recorders.

This is the place to find OSX supported home security equipment, covert cameras, hidden cam, professional counter surveillance equipment and other specialty spy equipment. Whether using a MacBook, an iMac desktop machine or a Mac Mini hidden in a closet, these can act as the brains of your security system and the hub of your home automation and security surveillance solution.

The following security capable cameras are the top picks for the various interface options (USB, Wired Network, Wireless Network, and Firewire). To learn more about each of these option choices, scroll down the page or click WebCam Connection Pros & Cons.

Top Picks: Mac USB, USB2.0, Firewire, Network, & Wireless Security HD Cams for OS X

The following security capable cameras are the top picks for the various interface options (USB, Wired Network, Wireless Network, and Firewire). To learn more about each of these option choices, scroll down the page or click WebCam Connection Pros & Cons.
image of a logitech c910 mac hd webcam
Best Logitec HD Webcam Model C910 for Apple Mac Surveillance
This cam is one of the best picks for those looking for superior image clarity on their Macs. Use this webcam with Skype, Microsoft Messenger, iChat, Yahoo Messenger or make it an integral part of your home security surveillance system. For best performance, you should plug this into a USB2 port. HD resolutions require a fairly big pipeline for data transfer. USB2.0 connects handle this with ease. The venerable Mac Pro and affordable Mac Mini are ideally suited with dual and quad core processors - and USB2 ports standard.
image logitech quick cam pro web cam
USB WebCam Pick: Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro
A plug-it-in and Go web camera that works right out of the box! Includes hardware based autofocus and RightLight technology®. No driver software needed! A ground glass Carl Zeiss lens for the ultimate in picture clarity and crystal clear video capture. Includes built-in microphone. This cam produces high frame rates and compensates well for low-light situations. A great USB Mac web cam bet.
FireWire Web Cam Pick: Apple iSight Video Cam
The Apple iSight webcam is not only beautifully designed, it has excellent output, features, and is still easy to find. It's a bit more expensive than its counterparts but thats testament to its functionality and desirability. 640x480, 24 bit color resolution • Comes with built-in noise suppression microphone • 3 Stands • Auto Focus. 4-1/2 Star Customer Rating.
image of a foscam model fi8918w wireless network web cam with remote pan tilt and night vision
Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Camera with Night Vision
This cam can be used in both a network or wireless type setup. The FI8918W easily connects to wireless IEEE 802.11b/g network. Automatic IR-LED illumination for night vision. Supports remote viewing, motion detection, and email alerts. Works with ALL standard browsers and best of all supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption for a secure network connection. You need to connect this camera to your router via an ethernet cable for the initial setup but after that, you can use it in either a wired or wireless mode.


Need to check in on your business, office, home or pets remotely? An APPLE IPHONE OR IPOD TOUCH can compliment your Mac-based security system with it's built in WiFi and web browser. An iPhone or iPod Touch can be used to access realtime images published to the web with an FTP video upload program like ImageCaster - or the built-in FTP Server support capabilities that can be configured within many 802.11 wifi webcams.


Building a spy cam system to monitor your home, office, business or other area of concern is much easier than you might think. A Mac, webcam, and video capture software package is all that's required. Just follow these four easy steps and create your own custom video monitoring solution.
1) Set up your Mac to run a spy cam system.
2) Learn what web camera types are available.
3) Match your requirements to the right webcam.
4) Select a video capture and monitoring software package.


For simple remote monitoring setups, a single Mac friendly USB web camera may be all you need to keep a safe, secure eye on the baby, your children or pets in an adjecent room. Select cameras for quality - not price. I can't emphasize this enough. Mid and high-end webcams in the $50+ range incorporate much higher-quality webcam lenses, improved low-light sensitivity for day and night operation. Choose a UVC - USB 2.0 Video Class compliant webcam. Driverless support for UVC web cameras is built into OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.5 (Leopard), and 10.4 (Tiger) for instant plug-and-play operation. The LOGITECH QUICKCAM VISION PRO is the best choice in a USB webcam due to superior optics, light-sensitivity and autofocus. Other UVC compliant webcam choices right for Apple Macs (both of which have Wide-Angle lenses ideal for security monitor environments) include the HERCULES DUALPIX INFINITE, or CREATIVE LABS OPTIA PRO. USB ACTIVE EXTENSION CABLES can be used with caveats. Normally the maximum cable-length for USB signals is about 12 feet. By using Active USB extenders which repeat and amplify the USB signals.
image of a unibrain firewire web cam compatible with an apple mac


If your surveillance needs are close to your computer, a Firewire based camera is an excellent option. A Firewire cam significantly reduces CPU overhead and produces very high frame rates. The downside is that Firewire achieves these benefits by keeping the distances short (under 10ft is best). FireWire webcams such as the UNIBRAIN FIRE-I 1394b Web Cam - or the APPLE ISIGHT M8817LL/A Web Camera provide low CPU overhead and very high frame-rates that FireWire is designed to achieve. Many DV camcorders such as the CANON XXX DV CAMCORDER include a 4-pin FireWire connector and may have uses in a security environment. Note however FireWire spec only supports short cable lengths, under 10 feet at best - or requires an ACTIVE FIREWIRE EXTENSION CABLE to extend its range.


Home or Business security monitoring can be done with any number of Mac applications; some freeware and shareware programs may be part of your Apple-based surveillance solution - or done with affordable commercial security programs for OS X that can easily manage and capture video from one - or switch between multiple spy cameras. One application of note is EYECON TECNHOLOGIES IMAGECASTER. Free to download for a trial period to test out it's features before registering. ImageCaster's support of multiple camera inputs, FTP publishing to the web, saving time-lapse snapshots to disk and more makes this an affordable option for many surveilance needs.


Here are the top three wireless, remote controllable IP network webcams currently available and in top demand. Compare the options and reviews on these cams and you'll see why so many people have reserved their own. Broadcast remotely either over a private local area network, a corporate enterprise network or over the world wide internet. Pick up, distribute and control these cams with a browser, an iPhone or iPod touch. Total control and distribution of your video source has never been easier. Image the possibilities.

Best Wifi Night Vision Cam

image of sharx security webcam scnc2607

Low light - No light Capabilities
WIFI Connectivity
Built-In Web Server

VGA 30FPS Image Quality

image of axis model 207w wireless web cam

Built-In Microphone
Best Image Quality in it's Class
Efficient Bandwidth Use
WEP & WPA2 Security Protocols

Most Popular Wireless Cam

40/64/128-bit WEP Security
Built-In Heat Sensor Trigger
Email Notifications
8 Preset Position Settings


Because of the ubiquity of the 802.1 wireless networking spec, there's a lot of good options for wireless OSX friendly security cam systems compatible with Apple Macintosh systems. Consider Apple's OS X 10.4 (Tiger) thru to the ideally suited OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to be the optimal platform and minimum system requirements to run modern monitoring apps.


One of the most popular and versatile cameras is the Panasonic BL-C131A 802.11 Network Camera. This cam gets rave reviews in general, and a favorite of Macintosh users. Support for Zoom, Pan and Tilt is provided by who excel at Mac surveillance software and support for wireless cams. Their EvoCam Mac software is a mature, well written program that's been around for many years.


Here's an option for a buget-minded entry-level camera: the TRENDnet Wireless Internet Camera Server (TV-IP110W). The webcam sets a new standard in affordability as 802.11 cams become even cheaper.
Internet Camera Server High Sensitivity Security
image of Trendnet internet camera - model no TV-IP312
TRENDnet Internet Cam

Panasonic Internet Security Camera
Day-Night Operation
2-Way Audio
Scheduled Video/Audio Recording
Progressive Search Options
Wired Network Camera
Body Heat Sensor
Motion Sensor
Sound Sensor
Email Alerts

USB and wireless IP remote cameras and webcams for Apple Macintosh computers running OSX.

Protect home and business with Mac OS Compatible Airport WiFi and CCTV video surveillance network camera systems using security camera software designed for OS X Tiger thru Snow Leopard. Programs like EvoCam, ImageCaster and Security-Spy.